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    What’s Jack up to? Jack is being his usual self. He was out back doing fine hanging with the family until a couple of guys walked down the block that he didn’t know then he was off like a shot sending the DH after him with promises of the moon if he’d just come back. How do you solve a problem like Jack? Well… how?
    I stole the title of this post from Deidre over at Jumping Tandem after seeing her eerily similar post. This morning the DD came running down. “Mom did you see the tree in the backyard. I was so scared it was going to crash through my window!”

    What?! How did I sleep through that one?

    I jumped up and yep, there was a huge tree limb that fell just missing the house. It was from about 50 feet up so I’m sure it would have caused significant damage. It was also about 16 feet long.

    I’m feeling very grateful today and thanking God for keeping us safe while I was snoring the night away. Oh, scratch that last part. There’s no way I was snoring (Ignore any rogue comments from the DH). LOL.

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    DIY- Why!

    What’s Jack up to? Well Mr. Cutie got me a a book contest win on Twitter yesterday. I tweeted this picture of him and won a Dean Koontz book from agent Colleen Lindsay. Go Jackster! I’m sure it was the tail wag that did it.

    So I tackled the screen door yesterday. Man that thing took waaaayyy too much time and sweat.

    Here’s Jack doing his version of help. Check out the crazy eyes. Nope, he’s nothing like the handy dog from yesterday’s post. I sure could have used that dog.

    Of course after I got the old piece of screen out and the plastic tubing from that skinny little channel. Eek. (thanks needle nose pliers) It took an extra trip to the hardware store because the tubing I had was to thick to go back in. Ugh!

    And still it was too hard to put the tubing back in. Even when it was thinner. Ugh, again.
    Joe our lovely hardware guy gave me the ol’ head shake on my second trip. It would have been so much easier if I could have just taken the door off and brought it over for him to fix. But no. That wasn’t happening.
    So after much mumbling and swearing under my breath, I finally kinda sorta got it in. At least good enough to keep the bugs out for now. Look closely, that’s mesh!

    So, Until I feel like a do over, it’s gonna have be good enough. I’m tired and my poor hands can’t take it. I’m much better with a paint brush.
    There’s a reason they pay folks to do these things. But end the end total cost for the job: $9.00. Of course now I need a manicure so there’s the trade off.

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    Quit Bugging Me!

    I need to get my handyman on and bad. My darn screen on my back door is all a tatters, letting in all sorts of flying bugs and I’m just a magnet for them. I just know it’s because I’m so sweet.

    It’s bad enough that I have 2 angry looking welts on my shoulder where I was bitten my something (I think a bee) while doing planting over the weekend. I don’t need a bunch more mosquito bites to go along with them.

    Eek. I’m getting all itchy just thinking about it and I’m highly allergic to the world.

    Wish me luck. I’m sure Jack won’t be nearly as helpful as the dog in this pic. How funny is that?

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    Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Well, I’m not sure how hers does, but I know mine does on a wing a a prayer. Shrug.

    I did a little planting over the DIY weekend along the little patch of dirt in front of my stone wall out back.

    I planted 3 tomato plants, some peppers then went crazy with seed packets.

    Now I’ve never planted seeds before so who knows what will happen. I’ve got squash, 2 kinds, cucumber, more peppers and more lettuce, 2 kinds. Yikes. That darn groundhog will have a field day!

    Now I just have to tackle above the wall. Hmm…

    What are you planting this season? Anything?


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    Stepping Pretty or Charles in Charge

    What’s Jack up to? Jack had a fun weekend. The weather was beautiful in New York so he got to spend lots of time outside yapping at the neighbors and being a general pain in the butt. Jack also got to enjoy our new porch.

    Which I’m now calling The Veranda.
    Sure it’s not quite large enough to be called a veranda but I feel like a proper lady when I step out on that freshly laid blue stone.
    This was such a necessary home improvement. Our front stairs were literally crumbling under our feet. It was so sad.

    Check out my porch top. Just chipped painted concrete.
    Side Wall was falling apart. That second step was a doozy.

    If you refer to my unfortunate event post here you’ll read how I was shocked early in the morning by our Stone Man Charles showing up early Monday morning with a full team and 2 trucks while I was still in my nightgown and hair a hot mess.

    But it was no matter, Charles and his team were ready to work. Shout out to my neighbor over at LoveMomWorkLife for finding him. It’s great to have friends. He came in at the last minute of bids and stole the show.

    Speaking of stealing the show, let’s talks about the team. Charles guys are all sweethearts, most with these Irish Brogues that will steal your heart right on down to his young sons who were out of school last week and stopped by for a visit.

    I had my driveway full of romance heroes for a week. Just bliss. The DD could not wait to get home from school every day.

    And in less than a week. Voila! Beauty meets function.

    His stone cutters are artisans that are passionate about their work (I’m talking you Elvis!) Yes, we got into it over ¼ of an inch and one or two stones but I can appreciate that being an artist myself. In the end it was all love and the details were beautiful.Can you believe how they cut the stone to fit around my railing?

    Not to mention as they were power washing the stone Charles did my deck and house too. Love him!

    If you’re in the New York Area C & P Paving are the go to guys. Here are The DH and Charles happy that the job is done. So what the kid’s college tuition is gone. Who am I fooling? It was never really there in the first place.

    And Jack’s already loving it!

    I hope you had a good weekend. What’s on for the week?