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    Mary Mary Quite Contrary…

    How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Well, I’m not sure how hers does, but I know mine does on a wing a a prayer. Shrug.

    I did a little planting over the DIY weekend along the little patch of dirt in front of my stone wall out back.

    I planted 3 tomato plants, some peppers then went crazy with seed packets.

    Now I’ve never planted seeds before so who knows what will happen. I’ve got squash, 2 kinds, cucumber, more peppers and more lettuce, 2 kinds. Yikes. That darn groundhog will have a field day!

    Now I just have to tackle above the wall. Hmm…

    What are you planting this season? Anything?


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    DIY- Weekend

    Happy Sunday! What’s Jack up to? Jack was up bright and early although no one else was. He was ready to go and enjoy the crazy warm weather in NY.

    The DH and I were wiped out from our little DIY project yesterday of weather proofing our deck. Honestly, he did most of the work. As you can see from the above pic Jack did none. Brushing weatherproof on all those slats take a lot of time.

    Now I know why people pay the big buck to get it done by someone and yes, it did take extra trips back to Home Depot because we didn’t buy nearly enough. Ugh.
    Oh well, in the end, it was a job well done and money well saved.

    Today it’s onto garden work. Spring is here even though the thermometer says summer. Whew, slow it down Mother Nature.

    Have a great day!