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Skool Dayz

What’s Jack up to? I suspect that Jack is just as tired as I am after this non-break  Spring Break. I mean his life is pretty much one long Spring Break and Spring Break for him is just like mine. Busy time with the dear teen twins.


On this break though we were all quite busy indeed. As I write this post on Sunday night, I’m exhausted and happily full off of Nana’s delicious Easter dinner. But part of the exhaustion came from the week with the Dear Twins. We did the first of our, I’m sure many to come, college tours going up to Ithaca New York.

Now that they are juniors in high school it’s time to seriously think of these things.


Yes, the days I’ve dreaded coming for years are finally here. Preparing twins for college. All I can say is, Lord, it’s all on you… in so many ways.


But now it’s Monday and back to the grind of school and writing (I hope plenty of writing. Twins, college. Hello.) and day to day life run around. I’ve got plenty to do and even more on my mind as I’m sure many of you do too.

 Here’s wishing you a wonderful and productive week.

All the best,



  • pve

    I truly enjoyed showing my alma mater to my children and dining at a local institution. Life holds so much goodness ahead.

  • Debra

    Oh I do remember the college trips with such fondness! I loved watching on the side as my son was sizing up the different campuses in New England~ he was so excited and I was wondering-where did those years go? Enjoy it-it really does pass quickly.

  • purpleflowers

    Good Luck to your twins for the upcoming decision making that will be so very important in their lives. AND Good Luck to you for keeping it all together!

  • Lecia

    My sister’s son is a junior and she’s doing the same thing right now. Good luck Kwana! And I wish you a happy and productive week too. xo

  • annechovie

    Wow, what a turning point in life. I am sure God will give you wisdom and it will all come together. One of my best friends went to Cornell and loved it – such a beautiful area. Have a great week, Kwana! xo

  • T. Anne Adams

    Ack college! *sigh* It is the goal isn’t it? I’m not sure why the prospect of sending my children makes me so nervous. BTW, great new home! How can I follow you?

  • deidra

    Do you think they’ll go to the same college? Seems like there should be a twin discount or something like that! I remember wondering how in the world we would ever send our kids to college…the tuition always seemed out of reach, no matter how much we saved. But God did it. He always does. And He will do the same for you.

  • Jax Cassidy

    Once your twins are safely in college, there’s no more excuses to make. You better write!

    So glad to know you’re preparing early. What an awesome mom you are 🙂

  • kwana

    Thank you all for the sweet comments. You make me feel so much better. With twins over the years you are always playing catch up but I guess that’s just how it is. It will all come together.

    I’m glad you like my new home T.Anne. WordPress does not have the follow me link like Blogger though you can still follow me like you do your other blogs. Just copy the url. You can also subscribe and get an email just look to the right there.

    I hope they get a link soon.

  • Joyce

    The college looks beautiful. Oh Kwana, you will be getting the double impact of two children leaving at the same time. It will be a sad moment, but I can bet they will continue to make you proud. Do they plan on going to the same college? xo

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Oooh, Kwana, I’m RIGHT with you! We are starting the “college tour” plans, too, with our junior son. (We were supposed to go look at Colorado this month, but I’m postponing. … ) But man, I can’t quite imagine the nervousness of TWO in college. I’m nervous enough about the financial obligations of one at a time! Anyway, good luck! Do they have several they’re interested in? All in NY?

  • kwana

    They do have quite a few they are interested in and as twins right now they want to go in opposite directions. Wild.