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I’m Shuffling as Fast as I Can

What a week this has been. We started out with one president and ended up with another one entirely. Hooray for new beginnings!

This girl is wiped out. All the celebrating combined with my usual running around and the the winter that just won’t quit and now I think I may have the beginnings of something sinister. A cold, flu or whatever. All I want to do is hibernate. But sorry that’s some other woman’s life. Me? I’ve got dishes to wash, a dog to walk, kids to chauffeur and oh yeah…writing to do. That’s my “job” right?

If we could just get a few days in a row above freezing and this darn snow would melt I’m sure I’d feel better. The word is it will get above freezing today then a steady drop back down after that. Oh well. At least the holly tree outside my bedroom window is pretty.

And Jack sure is cute if not extremely high maintenance. Hey, you plan on calming down anytime soon, Dude? No? Ok. I was just asking. Moving on. I’m getting up right now. No need to keep shaking the bed.

Have a great weekend everyone. If I think of anything moderately interesting to say, I’ll share. Heck, if I think of anything to say at all, I’ll share it. You know I can’t hold my water.