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So I’m Reading What Now? and Top Chef Restaurant Wars… Spoiler Alert

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been staying in devilment (such a Nana word) lately. It seems that every time I turn my head he gets into something. His favorite thing is pushing the lock on the trash can. Yes, he knows how to do that. Sigh.

So I have this great list of books that I’m reading over to the right there. The only problem with that list is that it’s not changing as fast as the list of books I’ve read lately. How can that be?

It’s because of bloggers like Carolyn and Katie with all their recommendations and reviews. You know me, there can’t be a book party going on without me inviting myself. And don’t let it be an historical with a bad news rake for a hero. Then I’m all in.

What was the latest? Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas. All the talk over at Carolyn’s Trillionth Page over The Ring scene pulled me in. I totally enjoyed it. BTW I got the pull of the ring and how Sebastian could be aroused by it. It was a control and power thing if you ask me. Thanks Carolyn.

Now to my list, but first Blue-Eyed Devil also by Lisa Kleypas but a contemporary. I think this may be Katie’s doing. Making it a top pick over at her blog. Thanks Katiebabs. The poor list may never get checked off if Lisa Kleypas keeps this up.

I apologize for the lack of full Top Chef recap. I was just too tired from all the grand balls and celebrating the other night. Let’s just chat shall we? What did you think? If you didn’t watch stop here. Spoiler Alert!….

It was a jam packed episode with the restaurants being run my two unlikely chefs Leah and Radika. Then there was the making out/cheating by Leah and Hosea. It was such a crack-up/cop out how Hosea called it flirting. Really? We’ll see what your girlfriend calls it.

Leah was off her game after the kiss off and couldn’t de-bone or cook a simple piece of fish. Carla was lost in space and couldn’t make dessert but she still could send out the love. But in the end it was Radika’s “sparkling” personality and awesome people skills that got her sent home. At least Stefan and Fabio could still bring it.