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So Sleepy…

What’s Jack up to? Brrr… I don’t think Jack’s even enjoying walking in this cold. He stops at the door and look up at us like, “you want me to go out in that?” So cute.

Alas I’ve been captured, drawn into the TWILIGHT web. I’m not done yet, only about 100 pages to go. My eyes would not stay open a minute past midnight last night. It was very funny as the girls in my DD’s dance class flitted by and noticed what I was reading. There were opinions galore.
The movie is out today so I’d better get on it.

I can’t imagine being anything but TEAM EDWARD. But who knows what happens in book two? I hear from the DD it’s all about Jacob.

It’s nuts for a 39 year old to be all TEAM EDWARD a 17 year old huh? Talk about Arrested Development. But hey, he’s really over a century that’s the way I’m choosing to see it.

On the upside at least the DD and I have something to talk about for two minutes in between teen/mom meltdowns. That’s nice.