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So I was all ready to sit down and write some really profound post for the day (Hey! Stop laughing) when I get a call from this temptress down the street.

“Hey”, she says all sweet and innocent. “Why don’t you guys come on down the block? We’ve got our other buds here just having some grub and vino.”

Hmm, I think I’ve already had grub, but I could use some vino and I really like those other friends too, but I’ve got so much laundry to do and I’ve been out all day. I know I’ll just stop by with the DH for a few minutes- ½ hour tops.

4 hours later after much vino, more grub, music and merriment we roll back into our house.
I guess the holiday season had begun!

This one is for you friends.

Oh and TWILIGHT is done. Yeah, I have been bitten.