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    It’s My Birthday… Holla!!

    Whee!! It’s my Birthday! Time to bound out of bed as quick as these old bones will let me and do a

    Happy Dance of thanks for making it to another birthday!

    once in american pie, always in american pie. | via Tumblr

    Am so grateful for being here amongst so many wonderful friends and family, to have the love of my husband and my children and I’m looking forward to a fantastic year ahead. I’m happy about having my 2nd book released with Seduction’s Canvas. I’m not looking for much by the way of gifts this year, except I’m just asking all my friends to tell as friend about Seduction’s Canvas and Samara and Mark.  As a new author, spreading the word is all I want to do.

    abs 2

    Besides spreading the word about Seduction, today I’ll be kicking up my heels as I try and pretend all the things I eat for the day are calorie free because they ARE since it’s MY BIRTHDAY!!! Then it’s onto writing my next book. You know me, I never stop plotting.

    But no fear,  It’s not all work. Since it’s MY BIRTHDAY I’m going to also dance. Starting with an oldie but a goodie hard rock (just like me) from Neneh Cherry!  Please join me in rocking it out 80’s style! Cause you know, I never progressed all that far past ’89.

    All the best,


    images from You Tube and We Heart It

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    And We’re Back!

    My site was down this weekend causing supreme annoyance, but thanks to my most fantastic and talented friend Jax I’m back on the Chain Gang today with the best and the rest of them. Thanks so much Jax! This song is for you.




    Have a Happy Everyone!


    All the best,



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    Click, Click, Danger Ahead!


    I want to say thank you to all of you who have been with me throughout my Through The Lens World Wide Internet Book Tour these past two weeks! It’s been such a thrill. Thank you to all my fine hosts also and I will be announcing the winners on my blog next week. Today I finish out the tour on at the fantastic Fantasy Powered By Love Blog. Is that not the coolest name? So hop on over there to read an excerpt and for another chance to win. Have a wonderful weekend. And remember… Fashion is Danger!



    All the best,


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    I’m on world tour…

    Well not really, but I am going my very first internet blog tour this week hosted by Goddess Fish so that’s pretty exciting. You will find me or a bit of talk about me and even more talk about my debut book: Through The Lens on various fantastic book blogs this week.

    During the tour I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one commenter so please stop on by and comment on each stop to up your winning chances!

    The first stop on this week’s tour is at the super cool Pink Fluffy Hearts Blog please check it out here. Thanks.

    In the meantime I’ll be playing DJ Ms. Jackson this week. Let’s start it off in the TTL theme with a little Duran Duran and Girls on Film. Enjoy!

    Have a fab week!



    All the best,


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    Wednesday High Tide Flashback

    This Wednesday it looks like we’re flashing back to just a couple of weeks ago and yet another coming rain/snow/wind/ oh to the noes! storm. So it’s time to gather the wood and charge up all the chargeables because in my neck of the woods once the winds get high you never know what could happen. I tell you Sandy shook me and good.


    Here’s to hoping it’s all smooth sailing and low tide where you are. Since I’ve been singing this one since yesterday, (well, since 7th grade really) I thought I’d pass it on to you now. Take us out Blondie. Enjoy.




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    Starting with Why?

    my book 2 deadline and feeling like a real gah! “author, author.” I was near tears though, happy ones after practically gutting my poor brooding hero. You see for some reason I found it necessary to put the man quite through it and I was so happy for it. A hot ready to pull my hair out over the emotional changes that I had made mess, but in the end happy because I knew the story would be the better for it. Because you see for me, a good romance is all about the character’s emotional journey.

    But then, not long after in some sort of divine conformation, my son came to me all excited about this TEDx video that he saw and wanted to share with me about Why and succeeding in the work that you do and how that can transfer into consumers believing in you and your message. I’d like to share it with you today. And leave you with the question: Is your Why lined up with your What?


    All the best,