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    That Unknown Show

    There was one tv oddity this summer for me and that was Persons Unknown. The NBC show that premiered this summer about a group of strangers that were kidnapped from their not so normal lives only to wake up in a hotel in a town in the middle of nowhere that they can’t escape from. It’s a lot like Lost where I’m totally lost, but in a good way. The plus side of Persons Unknown is that it’s a summer only show that will wrap up this Saturday. How I really don’t know? Like I said: I’m Lost.

    NBC did a pretty poor job with this promotion on this show if you ask me. Moving it all over the weekly chart only to let it be pre-emoted by pre-season football  and in the end and thrown on the web only. Kinda sad. They did better with promoting that oddball Minute to Win It, which for the life of me I don’t get the draw of but my DH loves. Oh well.

    If you’d like to wrap your head around something actually scripted and completely mindbending check out episodes of Persons Unknown on the nbc page.

    I can’t wait to see how it’s all wrapped up and what the heck is the fascination with Janet because I just don’t get it. Tune in Saturday for the finale. And if you want to catch up have a webathon. Enjoy.


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    24 – You Gotta have Friends

    I know I’m a day late with this but I needed a moment or 3 to recover from the series finale of 24. I will miss Jack B and the crew more than I can say. No one can whisper act like dear Kieffer. And Chloe, the looks alone were worth all my Monday nights. Thanks so much 24 and yes, I’ll even say thank you Fox for bringing Jack into my life.

    This ending (unlike LOST) left me completely satisfied and ended just as it should have.  With Jack having his behind saved by the only woman he could always count on, Chloe and her super brain. It was friendship as a love story. With fighting, and guns and blood stuff. *sniff*


    Little Jack with all his attitude and I salute you.



    P.S. I’m all for watching THE NEW C.T.U with Chloe in charge. Just sayin’ Fox.

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    The Fair came to Town and I’m still Lost

    So this was the weekend of the annual Firefighters fair and I went out and snapped some pics while it was closed. I think there is something so melancholy and beautiful about closed fair rides. Oh and clowns are scary. Why put them around small children? Of course the Dear Teen twins went without us on Saturday night. I hear that’s when all the cool kids went.  Moms were not welcome. Shrug.

    How was your weekend?


    P.S. Sidebar

    Can anybody explain the ending of LOST to me? ANYBODY? Yes, it ended and I’m still LOST. I need another dang explanation show next week. Jack died on that plane right? They all died? This was some, um,  I don’t know what for 6 years. Jack’s death dream? Confused, I am. Oh and no Walt. Thanks. Not.