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    Who/What Can it Be Now?

    With dog attacks, kids with ugh, family in health peril, me in car crashes and now lightening striking a tree right between me and my neighbors house, I find myself getting a wee bit paranoid and asking, “what can it be now?”.

    To this instead of going totally cray, I’ll leave you with Men At Work and just get back to work.





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    Driving Miss Daisy

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is feeling a little neglected in his new blog home. Sorry but it’s been unavoidable this week. Why? 

    Because I’ve been Driving Miss Daisy aka the DD. 

    And yes, there’s way more drama in my car with the 16 year old this week than there was on the big screen. If only I could put on the, ” yes’m Miss Daisy I’ll be gettin right on it” persona that Morgan Freeman did I’d be fine but , no, that ain’t happening. Just not my personality.

    It’s dance benefit week for the DD and tensions are HIGH but at least the show goes on. The DD is working hard and dances so beautifully. I worked the door last night helping out with some other moms for the community performance seating some of the special needs attendees and I was happy to get a sneak show peek. Breathtaking. Yeah, I teared up. More on that later.

    I’m so sorry to be kinda MIA in the comments world. Thanks so much to Jax for pitching in  with the Avatar /Gravatar question for me while I was hanging in the ‘Car O Drama’.

    Wish us luck through 2 more nights of performances.