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    The Phone War Is Over

    What’s Jack up to? The Jackster is posing for pics again. Why you ask? No you didn’t, well, I’ll tell you anyway.

    It’s because the phone war in my head is OVER. I’ve gone Droid peeps. There. Done. Finito. Ov-ah. I did it. I went for the Droid Incredible because it has the just about all the same features as the Droid X but in a smaller size and in this case smaller is better for me. I’m already outsized in enough areas of my life (have you seen my feet?). I’m liking the idea of the sexy little phone with all the power.

    So far I’m in love. It has so many cool apps. My fave so far is Google Goggle where you can take a picture of something and then the phone scans it and Google looks for info on it. A picture of just about anything. Way cool!

    And then there’s Pandora which lets you make your own custom radio station for free. Yes, I’ve already made a Prince and a Mary J. Blige station for walking fun.
    And I have to say I’m sorry for all the crazy tweets yesterday to my tweet peeps. I was drunk with phone lust but folks check out the quality of the camera. These are quick pics that I took yesterday. Super high quality for a camera phone. I’m sure I’ll be driving the Jackster just as nuts as he drives me.

    Oh well. It feels good to have this checked off the never ending list in my head.  I’ll be spending the weekend with my phone. Holla!

    Happy Friday!!


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    1987 Calling

    What’s Jack up to? As I type this on the side deck he’s tangled in his leash all around the patio table and now plopped at my feet terribly mad at his situation. Sorry Jack you got into that mess and you’ll have to wait a minute to get out of it.

    I’m grilling dinner right now making burgers for the kids and turkey sausages for the DH and me. I’m not doing a good job tonight and smoking out the whole neighborhood. Normally it’s the DH’s that’s the grillmaster but he’s working late and the teens are always starving.

    By the time you read this it will be Friday and another week has just flown by. My head is starting to spin with new writing ideas and it’s getting a little scary and overwhelming all the things I’m thinking of. I really have no clue yet how I’ll work it all out. But I guess that makes it exciting.

    Yesterday, I went to Verizon and checked out the new Droid X and my first impression was MAN THAT’S A BIG BUTT PHONE!


    I mean really big. Like an ipad for my ear. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit there but it was big. HUGE if you ask me. But it does and cool apps and it’s fast as all get out and you can probably make a call. Still it’s BIG as all get out and now I’m still in a quandary over the whole phone thing. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting it with the DH a lot over the next few days. He may divorce me if I don’t stop already.

    But right now I think I want to do like Prince with the Internet and because I a) can’t make a decision and b) don’t want to pay a bunch of money and c) am over it… I will declare the smart phone OVER. If you need me you can find me in 1987. Leave me a message.


    Have a good weekend.



    P.S. Don’t forget to stop by Becoming True Me if you have a moment to let me know what you think. Thanks.

    And thanks to Sarah from Smart Bitches and Kristen for the good Driod X reviews.

    UPDATE: So now Apple is giving away the oh so costly bumper for the iPhone 4. It’s still in the running.

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    Paris Taught Me That

    Deep Breath… In. Out. In. Out. Whew. For some reason I feel like I need to catch my breath as I type this.  Though there is nothing all that exciting to report life seems a bit whirlwind and go go go. Or maybe it’s just time that’s going too fast and I feel like I’m running to catch up. Either way it’s already July 15 and that is quite shocking to me. But the good thing about it being July 15 is that the new Droid X is out today and I can finally see it in the non-flesh and get that (cut to me holding my fingers about an inch apart) much closer to ending my new phone torture. Whee!!

    Then I can be like Danielle from the New Jersey Housewives and pretend to talk on the phone to $iss people off. “Paris Hilton Taught me that.”  Ya know.