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    Thrilling Thursday!

    Howdy folks! It’s been quite the week and flying by too. We had a quickie snowstorm and then Spring sprung with more freezing temperatures and not a fine how do you do. Side-eye to that.

    I continued on my World tour thanks so much to all of you following me, it’s so appreciated. I have another stop today over at Long and Short Reviews so please stop by there for another chance to win. And on top of all of that, with the week not even over, yesterday I got my edits for book 2 so it will be a busy next couple of weeks for me in the writing cave (note to self: get provisions ie: chocolate).

    And then finally to top things off with the best news, I got my official release date and title for book 2! So that said… wait for it… Book 2 in my Creative Heart series will be out May 27th and called…


    Seduction’s Canvas

    Whee! I think I’m in love now and I can’t wait to share it with all of you when it comes out. In the meantime, though my books can stand alone it is nice to know all the players so look to the right and click on over to read Through The Lens if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

    BTW, Don’t you just love this pic of Edie Sedwick and Andy Warhol marrying Fashion and art?


    All the best,



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    Double up Wednesday!

    Howdy Lovelies and Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring though the snow outside my window says something else. Today I’m in two places at once again but no worries I’m a mom of twins so I’m used to it.

    My first stop in hanging with one of my fellow Crimson sisters Elizabeth Meyette for an interview. It was so much fun hanging with Elizabeth and I really enjoyed her fantastic questions. Then my next stop in my world tour is with the cool Kim at Read Your Writes Book Reviews. Please stop on by her great blog to see what she has to say about Through The Lens and get another change to win a gift cars. Whew, what a wild Double Wednesday this is! Have a great one.

    Christy Turlington and Louise Vyent, 1987 by Gilles Bensimon


    All the best,



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    Winter is Here…Still

    Good Tuesday. I can’t believe I’m here waking to snow today. Will it ever be done? Ever? Ok that’s quite dramatic, of course it will and Spring will be on the way before we know it, tomorrow in fact! Don’t you love my pep talk? I really am trying, but at this point the only Winter I want to see is in the upcoming Game of Thrones season opener.

    Today for another stop on my magical fashion tour I’m at Rachel Brimble Romance blog so please stop on by and enter to win. But wait… I’m making two stops, WHEE!! I’m also at Books are Magic blog so 2 chances to win! Stop on by there too. Have fun!

    Also don’t you just love this series of 1970’s pics of legendary beauty Pat Cleveland by photographer Antonio Lopez. I sure do. They still look modern and beautiful.


    Have a happy and let’s all wish for Spring together. I’m going to do some warm scene writing to bring a little heat to the day. How are you warming up? Reading anything good?


    All the best,



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    Supermodels and more Super chances to look through & win!

    Happy Monday!! I know I shouldn’t be all double exclamation point excited, but really I’m just trying to hype myself up to get into this Monday thing this week. That said, I do have something to be happy about. Today my world tour is still on and I’m over at the fab Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess. She has a fun excerpt and a review of Through The Lens so you can head on over there and see what she thought of the book. Don’t forget make a comment and enter to win a gift card of your very own.


    I’ve decided that this week, keeping with the TTL photo shoot theme, I’d feature some of my favorite fashion models or icons from days past. I hope you enjoy. Today I’m starting with a love of mine, the first African American model to grace the cover of American Vogue, the ever beautiful, Beverly Johnson.



    All the best,



    images thanks to tumblr and beyond

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    I’m on world tour…

    Well not really, but I am going my very first internet blog tour this week hosted by Goddess Fish so that’s pretty exciting. You will find me or a bit of talk about me and even more talk about my debut book: Through The Lens on various fantastic book blogs this week.

    During the tour I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card to one commenter so please stop on by and comment on each stop to up your winning chances!

    The first stop on this week’s tour is at the super cool Pink Fluffy Hearts Blog please check it out here. Thanks.

    In the meantime I’ll be playing DJ Ms. Jackson this week. Let’s start it off in the TTL theme with a little Duran Duran and Girls on Film. Enjoy!

    Have a fab week!



    All the best,


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    Marching Through!

    Happy Day and Happy March!


    So much to celebrate this month, not the least of which is the 6 month anniversary of Through The Lens! Whee!! Blows whistles, throws confetti. And for the 6th month anniversary I have had a fun trailer made by Winterheart designs for TTL. Come on and get tropical with me and Look Through The Lens!




    Oh and did you hear that I just hit send on book 2? Bam! Yeah, I’m thinking a nap is in order for the weekend.  But first, we have to get jiggy with the lovely Nana and have a big ol’ Super Duper Happy Birthday Celebration!


    Happy Birthday Nana!! Love you forever!


    Let’s hope she’s not passing out TTL at her party, but if she is, I really won’t be mad ya know. Not like it would be the first time I shamelessly used my grandmother to sell my stuff. Flashbacks of every school fundraiser ever now running through my head.


    How about you? What do you have planned for the weekend?


    All the best,



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    When Nemo Found Us…



    I was so happy to wake this morning and find that though Nemo had come and gone leaving somewhere around 16-20” of snow in our area, thankfully we still had heat and electricity. Honestly, after Hurricane Sandy I’m just grateful for that. The snow plows were out early and so were we, gathering Jack for his morning walk though he could barely make it over the snow mounds with his short legs.

    It was nice to get out for a walk, but I was quickly back in to leave the hard part of the major shoveling to the experts while I got on with making breakfast.

    Now it’s back to getting finished with book 2. What, you have not read book 1 yet? Well, get on that. Today is a perfect day to snuggle and warm up by Looking Through The Lens. Thanks!

    Here’s hoping everything is lovely and you are warm and safe where ever you are.


    All the best,