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Winter is Here…Still

Good Tuesday. I can’t believe I’m here waking to snow today. Will it ever be done? Ever? Ok that’s quite dramatic, of course it will and Spring will be on the way before we know it, tomorrow in fact! Don’t you love my pep talk? I really am trying, but at this point the only Winter I want to see is in the upcoming Game of Thrones season opener.

Today for another stop on my magical fashion tour I’m at Rachel Brimble Romance blog so please stop on by and enter to win. But wait… I’m making two stops, WHEE!! I’m also at Books are Magic blog so 2 chances to win! Stop on by there too. Have fun!

Also don’t you just love this series of 1970’s pics of legendary beauty Pat Cleveland by photographer Antonio Lopez. I sure do. They still look modern and beautiful.


Have a happy and let’s all wish for Spring together. I’m going to do some warm scene writing to bring a little heat to the day. How are you warming up? Reading anything good?


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  • pve

    Shoveling our drive warmed me right up! You know we do love the snow up here but I am so looking forward to spring and taking a dip in warmer waters.
    I think I need to illustrate a warm sunny spot to add something to heat up my day.