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    The Ladies Are Out In Style

    To show you Rom Con wasn’t all about the beefcake here are pics from one of the highlights of the weekend.

    Deeanne Gist’s Victorian Fashion Show with the fashions modeled by Your Favorite Historical Authors!

    It was so much fun and so educational:

    Mary Wine takes your breath away in a costume she made herself!


    Delilah Marvelle beautiful in a skating costume


    Jade Lee strutting her stuff


    Beth Williamson lovely in her day dress

    Jade and Delilah having fun in their swimming suits



    In the end we got to see Deeanne get dressed from her chemise on up and here she is finally done in her gorgeous walking suit.

    Trust me there will be no quick ravishing with trying to get under all those layers.





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    Let It Be With You…

    What a morning this is. I woke up and said to my husband, “Welcome to a changed world.”  Now we don’t know how much it has changed or how, but we can only hope and pray it’s for the better.

    Last night I sent this tweet:

    “Tonight I’ve gone back almost 10 years in an instant. Wish I could go back 11 to moment of Peace. 9/11 will never be forgotten.”

    I know it’s naive, the going back part. We can never go back as we can never truly forget. So I’m going for PEACE.




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    Eek! December 31st- Who’s Looking back?

    Are you kidding me? It’s December 31st ? Really? I wonder how many more question marks I can put into this post to let you know how I feel about it being December 31st and me having to write it??? Seriously??????

    For real I’ve been going around the blogs and reading everyone’s year end posts and resolutions and honestly dreading the thought of doing my own so much that it gave me a knot in my stomach and a migraine. Those of you that know me, know how I am with change and worry. All things that something like a New Year can bring angst to. So though I’ll put on the usual smile that you see everyone else wearing on this day toast and blow a horn maybe even don a jaunty cap, I’ll really just be… me.

    No I don’t want to look back and reflect on the past year. The bad will only get me down and I’ll magnify it too much making it more than it was. And the good I won’t give enough credit to but I know I should because there is so much good if I really think about I’ll weep with joy way quicker than I would ever over the bad because, silly me, that bad was yesterday not today.

    But today I’m still the same old me and I’m not going to look back because I won’t do that right and I’ll just get mad at myself because of all I didn’t accomplish. And I’m not going to look forward because I know I won’t do that right and I’ll just feel stress about all I have to do.

    So instead I’ll just keep still and look inward and then upward and stay true to myself and be forever HOPEFUL.

    I have only one New Year’s resolution that I will keep striving for ….






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    Rocka My Soul

    On this Sunday I’ll finish up with the final section of Revelations which has an enduring message of hope that has lasted these 50 years and I’m sure will continue for at least 50 more. I don’t know about you, but for me, it comes right on time right about now.

    Happy Sunday!