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    Oh Christmas Tree

    It’s a not so quiet Friday here with me doing the usual holiday running around today as I’m sure you are too. So I thought I’d post a full length pic of our Christmas tree. I’m such a big kid. I can’t wait until the sun goes down so I can flip on the lights. It’s the best part of the holidays for me. Check out Jack playing on the couch as he knows he’s not really supposed to do. Oh well.

    I’ve had to move our knitted sweater and sock ornaments because Jack actually takes them off the tree to chew and play with! The nerve.

    The dear twins pretty much did all the decorating. The ornaments have mostly been collected since they were born with me adding a new ones for each of them every year. I’m such a corny one with my Sears portraits and my ornaments. I always shrink down our Sears pic and put it on the tree too just to add to the fun/torture. Scary mommy!

    One of my favorite holiday movies is Love Actually. It’s not quite for the kiddies with the hilarious making of a pornographic movie and all, but oh so romantic in every way. What’s not to love about it with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth? You know I was there all the way.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Stay sane. I’ll try.

    Oh and please scroll down. I still want to hear about your favorite tunes.
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    Fun with hot glue

    What’s Jack up to? Well Jack’s back home and totally not loving me. He’s not in the house 10 seconds and he pees on the kitchen floor. Jack was totally confused his week in the big city. “Concrete? What ya supposed to do with that?” Ugh! Now he’s all like, “Grass? What ya supposed to do with that?” Sigh.

    Moving on to nicer gentler topics… Fun with hot glue or the Five Dollar Wreath Makeover!

    Check out my porch before. So sad.

    I can’t believe it’s really December and I’m already behind. I look up the block and wince. Look the other way and shake my head. Yep the neighbors are all ahead of me with lights strung and wreaths up. I head to my basement to pull out the lights and my old wreath see if I can muster up some spirit. Muster, muster, muster. Here I go…

    Sigh again. Look at this wreath. I am not feeling it.

    Off to The Christmas Tree Shops to see if I can find a deal. No great deals on full wreaths, but I got a little box of crystallized fruits (I know it sounds strange. Stop laughing) for 5 bucks and I thought hmm… I’ve got hot glue (tasty with plastic fruit?). It was a Martha moment.
    Here is the finished product. I likie verrrrry much because it’s all mine.

    An original. Let there be light.

    Now to the tree. Baby steps.


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    Merry Christmas to me…again?

    What’s Jack up too? For all his fierceness he’s afraid of going out in the dark tonight. Maybe it was seeing the family of deer walking along his normal street path the other night. That’s Jack, all bark and no real bite.

    So my Christmas was lovely and came complete with a bit of deja vu. I have a Tiffany charm bracelet which my DH, DS and DD gave me a few years ago. Now, I know there are some in the fashionista set who think it’s tres passe but I don’t care.
    I think it’s a classic, like all my many black turtlenecks, it will never go out of style. I love it live and wear it proudly.

    So when I unwrapped a box and saw the traditional Tiffany blue a smile instantly appeared across my face. I knew it would be a new charm for my bracelet. I opened the box, looked at my DH and said with a grin, “it’s wonderful. I love it and I loved it when you gave it too me last year!”

    See what happens when you’ve been married for many years. There’s bound to be repeats. Luckily Tiffany is always designing new charms for sentimental traditionalists like me.

    Check back later to see what our exchange trip to Tiffany will bring.