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Merry Christmas to me…again?

What’s Jack up too? For all his fierceness he’s afraid of going out in the dark tonight. Maybe it was seeing the family of deer walking along his normal street path the other night. That’s Jack, all bark and no real bite.

So my Christmas was lovely and came complete with a bit of deja vu. I have a Tiffany charm bracelet which my DH, DS and DD gave me a few years ago. Now, I know there are some in the fashionista set who think it’s tres passe but I don’t care.
I think it’s a classic, like all my many black turtlenecks, it will never go out of style. I love it live and wear it proudly.

So when I unwrapped a box and saw the traditional Tiffany blue a smile instantly appeared across my face. I knew it would be a new charm for my bracelet. I opened the box, looked at my DH and said with a grin, “it’s wonderful. I love it and I loved it when you gave it too me last year!”

See what happens when you’ve been married for many years. There’s bound to be repeats. Luckily Tiffany is always designing new charms for sentimental traditionalists like me.

Check back later to see what our exchange trip to Tiffany will bring.