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Happy New Year! And so it begins…

Happy New Year my Dear Peeps. Welcome to the new world.

Ouch!  Does that sounds as scary as you read it as it does when I write it?

Sorry. I’ll just move right along to happier chit chat. I’m hoping you all had a wonderful holiday and a

Very Happy New Year!

I’m thrilled to say that on the very first day of the new year I got to start it off in a most exceptional way by seeing my very first mass market single title, INSERT GROOM HERE book one in my Unconventional Brides Series, on the shelves in my local Barnes and Noble for the first time. It was a pretty fantastic feeling and one I’ll never be able to recapture. Hey, your first time is your first time and I’m so grateful to my editor, Selena James and my publisher, Kensington Books for making that dream come true! (cut to me posing awkwardly while I try and play it cool blinking back tears as my husband not so discreetly snaps pics.)

I tell you what, I may be a way late bloomer, but I least I got a chance to see the sun.

There is something to this never too late stuff.


You can pick up your copy of INSERT GROOM HERE Book 1 of the 
Unconventional Brides where ever books are sold !  

Kensington: http://bit.ly/2eh61Vb
Amazon: http://amzn.to/28Mbqk3
iBooks: http://apple.co/28RPaWU
Barnes and Noble:  http://bit.ly/2gwFuas
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2g8Fhtp


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All the best,