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Oh so much snow. This winter has been weighed down with it. Thick and heavy and seemingly never ending.

Poor Jack has barley been out more than a few moments at a time with the temperatures constantly below freezing so all we do are quick runs in and out. As we go along on our dashes we both look back out at the porch with longing. Dreaming of the days to come when we can once again sit out and have the sun shining warmly on our faces.



But from now on those lovely porch sits will be different forever changed. Our very good friend not by our side but always in our hearts.

Happy Birthday Nana.

With all our love.




and the Jackster

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  • pve

    How sweet Jack looks! Love that he will have days on the sunny porch to sit and reminisce. Porches are like that. So much history on a porch and so many stories to tell.