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Happy 6th Blogiversary to Me!

Happy 6th Blogiversary to Me over here at ye old blog!



I hope all who celebrated had a Very Merry Christmas. Mine was wonderful with family coming over and a fun time of food and festivities had by all. I want to thank each of you on your well wishes with the debut of BOUNCE. I’m so grateful to each person that commented here, on Facebook or on Twitter. It means so much to me. This has been quite a year, a total speed rollercoaster ride and honestly if I had my way I’d do a little re-wind bringing it back to September or October where my heart tells me the calendar should be set. But, alas it is what it as and I’m ever so grateful to be where I am today. Now a published author of 1,2… 3 books and a 4th on the way!

Through The Lens Final Cover

Seduction's Canvas cover 5-6

Latest release!


My mind can hardly get around it. But I know I have so many of you to thank for where I am now. Thank you.

Cheers from me and The Jackster and here’s to a fabulous 2014!

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All the best,



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