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Round and Round We Go…

Last week our annual Fireman’s Carnival came to town. As usual it was rained out for the first few days and as usual the weather got better and folks were able to enjoy it just before it packed up to move on to the next town. My DH and I walked over to see the fun and check out the sights. For myself I will not confirm or deny if funnel cake was eaten. I will say it did look mighty good and I hear it was delicious. ‘Nuff said.


This is a picture of the Round Up. For some reason I stopped and took lots of pictures of this ride and the whole time my stomach turned and did uncomfortable flips and turns. What you barely make out from this picture are the brave souls standing up on the ride holding on while it spins round and round only to be held in by the centrifugal force of the ride, sheer will and small chain in front of them.  This used to be my favorite ride as a kid and now the thought of getting on filled me with fear and an instant headache. So I took my pictures and thought of the kid I used to be. Made a wish for the woman I was and would be and then said goodbye to The Round Up. Until next year…


All the best,