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Good Morning Heartache

Good Day World. I’ve woken with a major migraine today and I’m trying to figure what brought it along. Could it be allergies, hormones, stress or could it be just be and my awful migraines or could it be something deeper like today being one of the most stressful days of the year doing that it’s the season finale of Scandal? Gah! & Wah! And Holey Moles Batman! Somebody Hold me!


Have I already gotten myself worked up and into a state over the state over Olivia and Fitz and my impending withdrawal? Good thing that after today I’ll have to go cold turkey with my Scandal sobriety. Oh well, at least I have tonight and one last bender to live it up. As usual you can look for my recap on Heroes and Heartbreakers tomorrow and you can also see my past ones there too.

scandal thursday

Also tomorrow 5/17 I’m chatting with a great group off authors over at Coffee Time Romance and the subject is Coloring Outside The Lines. We will be taking questions, talking about our new projects and giving away prizes. Please stop on by and join in! Thanks!



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