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Yesterday the President was in Connecticut to give a very important speech on gun control, speaking for the tragic Newtown victims and countless others on this issue that in my opinion needs attention, action and a vote NOW.

Well, he choose my DD’s college sports center as the venue to hold that speech. On Friday she was one of the many students to line up and score one of the hottest tickets in town. She and her friend were so excited when they called me screaming after getting their tickets that I was feeling giddy right along with them.

And here my beauty is, looking quite Presidential herself, sporting some old school Jackie O style with her peplum dress. Definitely ready to meet the press or President Obama if the opportunity should come up.

Finally, here are some pics from inside the arena. She told me it was amazing to see him (yes , the word handsome came up, but that could have been from me) and to hear him speak. She said it was quite life changing to be in the presence of a sitting President and feel that energy.  I know I was so excited for her.


I was also so proud. You see as a parent of young African-American adults, in moments like this, I can’t help but think back to a history not that long ago when a moment like this was nothing but a dream and a struggle in this hearts of a people.  And in the minds of some, a reality to never be seen. But here it is. In front of our eyes.


All the best,