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Stay In Your Lane…

My edits are barely in for my May 27th  Crimson Romance release: Seduction’s Kiss and I’m already bouncing on my toes about what project I should work on next. I have my 3rd to come up for Crimson, tentatively titled By Design (whoo hoo, set in the fashion world)  that I’m excited about and then there are the two or three other not so secret projects that I’m also itching to get going on.


It seems the creative mind never stops and with all the changes going on in the publishing world it makes it just that much harder to reign in the brain, curb the flow of ideas and focus. But I must. Nothing is more satisfying in putting the words THE END on one of the projects that have been buzzing abound in your brain.  It’s like putting a net on that hard to catch butterfly.

Or getting to that finish line and winning the race. But to do either of these things I know I need to Keep Calm and Stay In My Lane.


What butterflies are you trying to capture today?


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  • pve

    I always admire race horses with those blinders on and how they can jockey in a race across the finish line. I know you will make it. Take time to treat yourself in nature. Chase those butterflies, it’s good for the spirit.
    Congrats on all your hard work and dreams.