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What Cha Reading?

Happy Hump day? I hope the week is bumping along fine for you. For me, it’s going a little too fast to keep up with especially with all the work I have to do. But such is my normal life so there it is.

During my not so work-y times I have quite a few things on my Kindle that I’m flipping between and I’m way down on the library list waiting for Gone Girl to come in which I’m excited to read. Though when I think about it, with all I have on my to-do list I  probably should be reading something more like what Dear Marilyn is reading here and work on my Thinking Ability, sharpen my skills a bit.

That said, I’m not, and reading for pure enjoyment and throwing the question out to you… What cha reading? Has something really captured you that you’d like to share with the group?





  • Synithia W

    I just finished reading some good contemporary romances, Rush by Beth Yarnall, The Temptation of a Good Man by Delaney Diamond and A Heart Not Easily Broken by M.J. Kane. Now I’m in the mood for a hot vampire romance.

  • pve

    I read “Gone Girl” as you know and I am excited to discuss that book with you and get your writer’s take on it. Finished Tana French’s book “Broken Harbor” which I could not put down.
    Both books make me want to try my hand at writing.
    It is a craft that I respect.
    My goal is to read a book a week. I have started “When Women were birds” Terry Tempest Williams.

  • kwana

    Thanks for all the great recs. I can’t wait to get my hands on Gone Girl. I’m starting Kristen Ashley’s Dream Men right now and wow. I think I’m all in.