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Testing Time! Interview with author Nancy Loyan

So one look at the cover of author Nancy Loyan’s book Lab Test and you can’t help but be pulled in by the puppy dog eyes and then you get a look at the tag line of:

Can the unconditional love shared by a dog and a master lead to love between a man and a woman?” and you can’t help but go, ok now I really want to know more.

Well, today I have fellow Crimson Romance author, Nancy here to answer the burning questions.

Welcome Nancy!

-Thank you, Kwana. It’s an absolute pleasure being here.

Firstly, please tell us about the cover of Lab Test. Why the sad little dog?

-First of all, I love the cover that the artists at Crimson Romance created for “Lab Test.” It captures the essence of the novel. I see the black Labrador Retriever as not being sad but a bit mystical and introspective with that “all-seeing, all-knowing” eye. That cute little face is hinting at what transpires in the book. Behind that face and those eyes is the heart and soul of the book’s heroine, the integral part of the plot. Well, if the puppy seems sad, she was found by the book’s hero wandering the streets if inner-city Detroit rather forlorn and out of her element.

Ahh now I get it. Poor Samantha. She’s like shape shifting Sam from True Blood but trapped, hence the sad eyes. It makes total sense to me now.

-Not sad but all-knowing.

That is so sweet. Tell me what was your inspiration for this story? Could it be watching True Blood?

-Honestly, I’ve never watched True Blood and rarely watch television. My inspiration came from my previous dog, Ebony. Ebony was a black Lab-Pointer mix found abandoned in the parking lot of a local amusement park. The area, I discovered, was known for being a “dog dump.”

Ebony was my first experience with the hunting dog personality. I had Collies before and they are like the fashion models of the dog world. They are beautiful, high-maintenance, loving but a bit aloof. Labs and Pointers are totally different. Labs are extremely close and personable. They read emotions and moods and act accordingly. Ebony challenged me and, because she was an “Alpha dog” kept me on my toes with her cunning mind. I liked the “give and take.” It was more of a relationship than a master-owner scene. I used to call her my “child in a dog suit.” Labs are also “Saran-wrap” dogs because they are always nearby. Yes, they sleep in the bed, too! They have a way of endearing themselves and it’s no wonder that they have been the AKC’s top dog for well over ten years.

I lost my beloved Ebony at the age of 16 and “Lab Test” is dedicated to her. I currently have a black Lab-Pointer mix, Topaz and her boisterous sister, an English Pointer, Amber. I love dogs!

I can see that and Ebony sounds so special.

Now please tell us what drew you to writing paranormal romance?

-I’ve always liked paranormal romance. When I was a child I was drawn to time travels. I absorbed Jules Verne novels. One of my all-time favorite movies is “Somewhere in Time.” I also loved the television series “Time Tunnel.” I liked “Bewitched.” Of course, I was addicted to “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Somewhere in Time was such a great movie. Can you tell us what’s next for you?

-Next? I’m sure that I will be receiving revision notes from Crimson Romance for my next novel, a contemporary romance, tentatively titled “Hearts of Steel,” that will be out in October. I have two additional novels contracted with Crimson. Yes, one is a time travel. I am also revising some old manuscripts and have begun a new novel that has been in my head for a very long time and is itching to get out.

That’s wonderful. We well stay on the lookout for the nest book. Thanks so much for being here.

Thank you for having me!

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