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Feeling Guilty?

So thanks to a post over at Dear Author my curiosity was riled up and I couldn’t stop myself from watching the POV  documentary: Guilty Pleasures. I have to say though it does have its uplifting moments I think it gives a bleak view of some of the romance readers out there. I did not see any of the vibrant women of the romance world that I know there but still, it’s interesting and worth a watch and available online until Aug 12th. I say check it out and please report back if you do. I myself am not feeling guilty at all.






  • Holley Trent

    First fifteen minutes I was like “Oh, this is interesting.” And then I was like “Mmm. Nuh uh.”

    It was downright maudlin. I think the filmmaker tried too hard to string the documentary together into a “happily ever after” framework and it just didn’t work. There was way too much going on and those people were pretty sad.

    (And what was up with the Japanese woman’s “never mind” shirt? Never mind what?!)

    • kwana

      LOL Holly I didn’t even notice her shirt. I was too busy seeing if she would end up with her dance teacher. But you are right there were some sad stories there. Nothing like the romance conventions I’ve enjoyed.