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Howdy people. I woke up this morning on a gag to the horrible smell of a skunk having sprayed somewhere in the vicinity of my house. I tell you there is nothing worse and it gets me every time. It must be my super sensitive migraine nose because I smelled it about 15 minutes before my husband.

Speaking of migraines I’ve been on a 3 day run and this is day 4, the day where the head is just a cement block on the top of your body. I’m hoping the train has finally gone far enough and is now heading over to the downside of the mountain. Usually that’s how these things work when nothing else does. It’s just pain and time with it.

But enough about me, let’s talk more about me. LOL. No, let’s talk books. I just finished reading Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. Her sort of memoir/essay/comedy book with the crazy big hands on the front that kind of freak me out each time I look at them.


It’s our knitting group/book club pick. After a long hiatus on the group book reading front, the Knitsters decided to give it another go. I suggested Bossy Pants because my DH told me about a women literally laughing out loud while reading it on the train also it had been out for a while so we could all easily get it from the library if we wanted (I love my library!). Besides who couldn’t use a laugh?

That said, I enjoyed this book. I didn’t LOL as much as I thought and there were times that I will say it had me thinking about race and society and raising my brows a little more than I thought I would. It read a bit like what I’d imagine shorts from 30 Rock would if they were doing a This Is Your Life Episode.

But en the end, I did embarrassingly have my moment of public laughter (and snorting) while sitting in the waiting room at the eye doctor so the DH was not off the mark there (and for the record, Love, I STILL want to try a cruise before I die).
It will be interesting to talk about this one with my knitting friends to see what they thought.

Tell me are you in any sort of book club? How do you figure what books you’ll read if you are? Or do you think group reading is stupid and should only be done alone? Why should the opinion of others matter? Chime in.




  • Ina in Alaska

    I used to be in a book group. Loved it! It was ok to attend even if one did not read the book. After I started blogging I quit going. Also it was hard to keep up. There was a book every month and I am a super duper slow reader.

    I want to read Bossy Pants and will do so after I (slowly) read the3 books waiting to be read. Maybe in a year or so….

    Sorry about your headache. I have never ever suffered from migranes and hardly ever even have a headache so I can imagine how debilitating you must fee. (hugs)

    I too want to go on a cruise! Even with the recent disaster in Italy. I actually applied for a summer job, Kwana!! Royal Caribbean Cruises is hiring summer folks – the job I applied for is a once a week job (Friday) Customer Service position. Would meet the guests at the airport and help sort them out, answer questions, point to their bus or train, etc. Not much pay BUT a deeply discounted cruise. Fingers crossed! I will be 60 years old in July and the last time I had a summer job I was in high school. LOL!!! xoxo

  • Kathy

    Sorry about your migraine I hope you are better today! We listen to BOSSYPants on book on tape during our summer drive to NJ shore I loved it or parts of it. But I’m a huge Tina Fey fan. I’m not currently reading anything but thinking of starting something after our Feb break.