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A Secret Baby and a Sheikh TBR

It is once again Super Librarian Wendy’s TBR time fresh and new for 2012!

Always a lover of a good sheikh story and a fan of Caitlin Crews I was instantly in with Majesty, Mistress… Missing Heir. Here is a bit about the book thanks to Harlequin:


“Sheikh Tariq bin Khalid Al-Nur is as treacherous and formidable as the desert land he wants to rule. But he cannot take the throne of his country until he marries. Why, then, has he not wed? Tariq cannot rid his dreams of ordinary but bewitching Jessa Heath!
Jessa knows she and Tariq have unfinished business. What if she were to take control and allow herself the one night he’s offering to put their passion to rest? But Jessa is treading dangerous ground! It would only take that night to reveal the secret she has so desperately kept hidden….”


Now for some reason I’m not a big secret baby fan. It could be a being a mother of teen twins thing and you have to get me on the right day to find me all gushy over any books with babies or puppies or kids or anything really that you have to feed for at least 18 years but now I’ve said too much. Moving on.
With Super Wendy’s TBR challenge starting up again with category this month I was pleased to pull out my new Kindle Fire and get it going with Caitlin Crews and a Harlequin Presents to take me to a faraway land. Well, this book was nothing like the getaway that I expected.

Yes, it had the sexy, rich, larger than life alpha that we all know, love and expect from a Presents in Sheikh Tariq and Jessa was a heroine that I found I could get behind even when I wanted to shake her, and surprisingly, I didn’t want to shake her all that much. I felt for her. Deeply, and it threw me off.
This is not the Presents romp I had bargained for. This little book had me tied up in knots. The secret baby aspect had me all twisted wanting to see what would happen in the end, coming up with all sorts of scenarios in my mind before I got there, hoping for a way to make it all work out for my HEA and honestly not finding any way at all. This is a twister right up until the very end and beyond. So much so that I turned to twitter when I was done to write to Ms. Crews and my fingers are crossed for a sequel as these characters are still with me over 2 weeks later as I wonder how they are getting on. Yeah I know I must remember they are just characters in a book but for those 2 short days they were all too real to me.
Now that is a good story. Secret baby or not.



PS- This post was planned way in advance of the Stop SOPA and PIPA  (no not that Pippa) blackout protest so it’s up anyway but I’m hoping you all will read up on SOPA and PIPA and learn about it them as I am. Watch what folks are trying to slip on by us and speak out. Thanks.


  • KristieJ

    A Sheikh AND a secret baby plot. *laughing* so not a book I would choose. Plus I’ve never read a book from this line before. But never say never I say!

  • SuperWendy

    Sigh, there is nothing quite like finding a great category romance that sticks with you long after you finish the book. I love that feeling.

    I’m just dipping my toes in the HP waters. Love seeing reviews for them 🙂