happy holidays

Seriously? It’s today already!

It’s that time of year, just a little over a week before Christmas and the holiday Madness is in full swing. So much to do, so many to prepare for. Did you do this? Oh gosh, still have to get that. I wonder what is the last possible day to get those cards in the mail? And really? She an NOT be serious about putting THAT on her wish list. What are we the Rockefellers?!
Oh and is Aunt you know who coming? Because if she is than you may need to call the pharmacist for that special prescription. Sigh.
But don’t worry. It will all work out. Take a minute just for you and breath. In the end what will be, will be. Friends and family will gather for the day and hugs and smiles will be had. Food will be eaten. Laughs will be laughed and yeah even on a perfect day, Aunt you know who will be judging. So….


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