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Raiders of the Lost Arts

Like my play on words there? Ok so it may not be the best but I thought it was cute. Know what I like even more. My finished needlepoint. It’s all done and hung and looking pretty in my bedroom. I’m giving myself a little pat in the back for this one. And so happy that the DS gave me a pat too saying mom it looks so cool and vintage. You could teach a class at my school. Maybe get a cut in my tuition. Hmm something to think about. Of course I’d have to move and get an apartment…. Hmmm…. something else to think about. LOL!

A big thank you to my friend Laura for her wonderful needlepoint lesson. I’m afraid I’m hooked.


Now back to my knitting I have a holiday hat to finish for the son which at this point may turn into a New Year’s hat.

Tell me are you a Raider of The Lost Arts?