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So Any Minute Now… Right?

What’s Jack been up to?

The Jackster has been in a state of confusion as you can tell from this pic and his scraggly hair. Just like so many on the east coast he had to deal with the hurricane too. Did I tell you all how the DH and I accidentally locked him out on the porch during it for about a ½ an hour? Yeah, that wasn’t a good start to the first night of being without the twins. Not noticing the missing dog and all. *hangs head in shame*

And ever since then he’s been completely board with me (see over this woman) and totally looking for the kids to come home at any moment. To save him from this dull existence perhaps?

The other day I had the DD on speaker phone and she called out to Jack. He just about lost it running to the front door and barking for her to come in. I just about lost it with that one.

It’s a whole new normal for all of us right now. Jack getting used to it just being me and the DH and the DH and I getting used to each other all over again.

Still hard not to think about any minute now though.




  • Kathy

    Cute Jack….Sophie misses my hubby when he travels she waits by the back door for him. I’m sure everyone will get used to the new normal soon. I’m so scared for this time next year….there is really no preparing for this is there!

  • Joyce

    Ahhh… that is so sweet of Jack. He gave me a lump in my throat. Have you been skype with the kids yet? My sister does all the time with my niece. xo