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Action Jackson

What’s Jack up to? We’ll I’m happy to say with the weekend rain the huge snow piles are finally gone so that’s great news for the Jackster who has been going a bit stir crazy here. The most action he’s has these past few weeks has been from the UPS man who has renamed him ACTION JACKSON which is a very fitting name I think, since he never seems to stop and still runs around like a friskypuppy getting into just as much trouble as one too.

As you can see form this pic Jack  is still as shaggy as ever and long overdue for a visit to the groomer though I’m afraid I may now be charged hazard pay he’s such a mess.  Is my Jack under there?


Hope you have an action filled day! And Happy Mardi Gras!




  • Ina in Alaska

    Jack is an adorable hot mess!!! Glad the snow piles are going away. We have beautiful sunny days too. LOVE IT! Have a great day!

    Since we are in different time zones for tweets while watching TV, I thought I would mention that I am enjoying the RHOM– because of the mother…. OMG she has had quite a lot of plastic surgery!! But she is the best character in the show. I hope we see lots of her!!!

  • Kathy

    Jack looks so cute! Love the action Jackson!! Lucky your snow is gone we were almost there until Sunday storm! But can’t complain its a beautiful sunny day today. Have a wonderful Fat Tuesday!