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40 days Writing

So last night as we were gorging ourselves on pizza and wings (I was using Fat Tuesday as the excuse and it seemed valid at the time) my son casually asked me what I was giving up  for Lent. Of course I was horrified and gave him a look that let him know it. What a time to ask while I was enjoying my wings and Glee no less. Besides I had not thought about it. I had decided to join in with our church’s Body Of Christ initiative to get healthier, pray and devote more and besides I has already given up sugar in my coffee so I was good. Really good.

I shrugged and said I didn’t know I just thought I’d be a bit better. Better was better. But still something was nagging. It had been nagging at me all day. The day went by too fast and not enough as usual got done. The kids were ok, dinner was done, somewhat, I had done all the running around I needed to do and my freelance work was done too I even swept in a corner, yeah it was one but I swept. But still, I was just off. Then not a few minutes later it dawned on me. What would make me so much happier, so much more fulfilled. Fixing the unease I was currently fighting against. The same thing I can complained to my DH about earlier in the day.

So quick I ran to the computer and tweeted this before I lost my nerve:

Have just figured out what I am giving up for lent… Days without writing. No more unfulfilled days for me!

There you have it. Everyday must do some work on my current WIP just let it flow and not let my mind or life or sweeping get in my own way. Nothing is more important. I’ll see you all when I see you! Much Love!



painting by Gerard ter Borch (1617-1681)