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Raise Your Hands

It’s steady light flurries right now which seemed to have come a little earlier than expected because school is on today which is a good thing in my work world, but I’m hoping they taper off for the afternoon buses.  More snow is expected tomorrow night which I really hope doesn’t happen since the next day the dear twins have a big test which may have to be postponed to June if they can’t get in in. Yikes. Fingers crossed there. This has been one tough winter.

I hope things are mild where you are.



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  • Ina in Alaska

    Interestingly it is pretty mild here, you have been hammered HARD this winter, Kwana! It is a balmy 30 degrees as I type this comment. That is very pleasant weather in these parts!

    I also want to say how much I enjoy being a Twitter buddy with you. Wish I lived nearby. xo

  • pve

    maybe I need to bring you skiing….I guess I have learned to embrace the snow…skiing helps me during the winters! (even if I complain about it too…tee hee)