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Exclamation Nation!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I know what am I doing going getting all exclamation point happy about on a Monday? Don’t ask me because I really don’t know. It’s Monday and It’s November if I could, I’d slow down time so I’d have more for college apps with the dear teen twins and more time for Nanowrimo, but as you all know, time don’t wait for no one so here we are on another Monday so…!!! Take them for what they are good or bad.


I hope you all had a good weekend. One of my highlights was the DH and I started back with our church bowling league. Yep, it was time to pull out the old glittery ball and dust off my clown shoes.


On the up side I started out great, but by my 3rd game I was a hot mess.  Here’s hoping I improve this season as much as I did last. I was honored to receive a most improved award for last season so that’s not too shabby. Goals are good! Darn there goes those exclamation point again. What’s with them on Mondays?