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They are the world

Deidra from Jumping Tandem asked over at her blog yesterday “where have you seen God lately?” And not a few hours after reading that I was at my niece Maddie’s preschool moving up ceremony surrounded by Joy and for me the spirit of God. Just click the link below and look at this radiant, beautiful, funny, fearless face singing her heart out and I dare you not to smile. (Oh and the boy next to her is so not having it. LOL)

They Are The World




  • deidra

    What a face! She is gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for the link, girlfriend! I’m all a-twitter these days, and am RT-ing this!

  • Megan

    I love how she tosses her head and looks to the side, just to make the moment even more dramatic. Cute! I feel bad for Black Satin Boy, tho. So sad.

  • Phyllis

    Soooo cute!!!!!

    Both she and Nana can come live with me. The twins too…. uh, when they get their first summer paychecks! LOLOL!!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Kwana!!!!!