Hip to Knit

Me and the hip ladies will be knitting up a little trouble at my place today. What are you gonna be getting up to?

How cute is this greeting card by alisburda found here on Etsy.




In other hard hitting super important news… Did you happen to see The Bachelorette and the Jake and Vienna throwdown? Man, I bet there are 19 women counting their blessing now. What was that?! Talk about sleeping with the enemy. If you didn’t see it go to abc and watch. Wow. She may have not done it Klassy with a K but I’m going Team Vienna on this one. Yeah I did it. I’m over 40 and picking a team. Middle aged men do it all the time. Don’t judge me people.


  • tamstyles

    i agree with you. I am team V to. He seems like the “good boy” type for show. I saw that temper come out which is fine, but he is fake as the hair on my legs being a fur coat. She wore his ass out though..I was laughing the whole time, and even had hubby watchin.

  • deidra

    that was just a mess…from the moment Jake got down on one knee and proposed. just a mess. all over the television. one of those messes i couldn’t look away from…