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Listen for the Chair

Blame Kate from Babbling About Books for today’s funny because she made me look up these great Bruce Campbell Old Spice commercials after her comment on I’m On A Horse and you know I can’t help but share.

Listen as Bruce gets out of that to die for red chair.

And Duran Duran how can you ever go wrong there? Ya can’t.

Words this weekend? Maybe. In the meantime life has been so serious so tell me what’s been making you laugh lately.

One thing making me laugh is Not So Real Housewives of the NYC being back. Did you watch last night? “Staaaaop.” (said in my best Kelly whine) or you know what else is fun? Ramona’s new phrase, “renewing myself.” Wink.

Have a good weekend.



  • Ina in Alaska

    I agree with the Frau, I LOVE the man in the shower better. More of him, please!!! Yup. Caught the opener of the NYC Housewives. Ramona… not a fan. and now Bethany with Jason this, and Jason that. Jason got old with me in the first few mentions. It looks like another great season with the girls in NYC! The OC housewives finale was kind of a fizzle for me. I was so disappointed with I forget her name, the mom of those two teen girls who drink and are out of control. Also did not like the new housewife, I forget her name too. Would like to see Jena come back.