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Wanna Snuggle?

Happy Friday! And I do hope it’s happy.

I’m going for a new outlook today. Enough of the writerly doom and gloom. Obviously wheels are going to keep turning no matter what I say here and we’ll just have to see how it all plays out. In the meantime I’m ever hopeful.

My NaNowrimo writing has suffered terribly this week. It’s been a tough week life-wise. just plain nutty and the writing time has just flown by. Now I’m in panic mode. Oh well. I shall do my best to be where I will be. Wish me luck.

On a Friday up note I have a Snuggie!! Well, a Snuggie-esque from The Christmas Tree shops. Yesterday Nana and I did our annual Thanksgiving shopping and ran across some very cool Snuggie-esque garments that were called The Hug Throws for a great price in all sorts of colors and Nana could not resist buying them for the whole family. I have a cool lime green one! Love my Nana.

The only family member that didn’t get one was Jack. I specifically warned Nana not to order Jack this. You know she wants to. Sorry he’ll just have to cuddle next to me with mine. It’s bad enough I’m looking a hot Snuggie-esuqe mess don’t need to subject Jack to it too.