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Bloomin’ Onion

Did you know I’m a total Martha fan? Really, I am. I don’t watch her show every day and when I have the TV on at that time I have to get my hot mess of The View’s hot topics on but I can totally get into Martha’s world. I also keep tuning into her station on Sirus radio which has great tips on food and decor all day.

Well, yesterday I had a great laugh out loud Martha moment while listening to Martha’s call in show. A woman called in to ask about a sweet potato recipe that she had at The Outback and Martha asked, “is that in Australia?” Haaaa! The woman with her sweet southern accent was like, “Um, no.”
Martha’s staff was cracking up in the background too.
Martha said she would try and get the recipe from corporate for the woman and present in on the show. Klassy.

Gotta love her. She’s may have been to the big house but she’s never been to The Outback Steakhouse. Oh Martha!

BTW have you see Whatever Martha with Alexis and Jennifer on Fine Living? I don’t have the channel but their radio show is so funny.

Happy Friday!



Today is 9/11 a hard day for so many especially in here in New York. I have no words. Just remember and hopes for peace.