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Temper Tuesday

What’s Jack up to? Oh that Jack is working my last nerve.

Just add him to the list. He almost made it through the day yesterday without making it on the list with the rest of the folks and then last night I go in the kitchen for a moment, turn back to go in my bedroom and there is Jack standing on my bed like it’s perfectly normal.

What!! Now I can take a lot but can’t stand for a dog on my bed. Do you know where Jack walks.

Besides, I don’t even let the DH sleep with me without taking a bath!
Now, Jack can sit anywhere else he wants in the house but not my bed and of course I had just put on fresh sheets.
Ugh! Anybody want a dog for cheap?
Yesterday was a pretty sucky day dealing with the Little teen twin ‘A’ aka The Drama Queen aka The Fire Starter. Sigh.

Then in the afternoon I realized I spend so much time in my car due to the twins and I wished that Domino had done a Pimp My Ride edition before going belly up. I need a renovation.

Oh well. I hope for a better day today. I plan on getting some reading done. I finished a big edit of my YA on Sunday night at around 1 am so hooray for me!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!