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Did I Really Need To Know This?

What’s Jack up to? Just look. Is this dog spoiled or what? Ugh with the DH I can’t do a thing with him.

Check this out now has a feature where you can download audio book right to your Crackberry. Did I really need to know this? Not really. You know how crazy I am for my books and my Crackberry, so to combine the two. Yowza! Mindblowing.

I’m such a book head but lately with all my editing and my family stuff I’ve been having the hardest time getting through a book. Even falling asleep in the bath during my beloved reading time late at night. It’s so frustrating.

I have been enjoying The Lace Reader, my book club book, on audio though. My library has the coolest my thing. This great little audio pod called Playaway that contains one book that you can grab and go. So cute and handy. I just grab it on my way out the door with Jack for our walks. You supply your own headphones.

So how do you fit in your reading time?