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What Road Are You On?

What’s Jack up to? He’s so funny, playing a crazy game of monkey in the middle that he’s made up where I’m the monkey! See he takes his toy and acts like he wants to bring it to me to play with but then turns at the last moment and runs to my hubby and takes it to him. Then back to me for a reaction. Too cute, Jack.
Other than books, dare I say maybe even sometimes more than books, I am often inspired by movies. I’m such a cheap and easy date. Give me a simple dinner and a movie (please don’t ask me to dress up) and I’m happy. Now, I’m not one to over analyze and pick a movie apart, no, I go to lose myself in another world for a while.

That said, I’ve seen a move that I can’t get out of my mind: Revolutionary Road. The whole couple confirming to suburban life thing hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t know why, maybe it’s my age or the fact that I’ve been living in suburbia for a while now or the fact that I hate to think of myself as a conformist, although probably a good part of me is, if I’m honest enough. Whatever. I don’t know, but, I was hit hard.

The fact that it was set in the 1950’s didn’t effect it’s relevance to today’s life to me one bit. It questioned confirming to what’s expected, the traditional roles of a marriage, labeling, fidelity, opposites attracting, living your dreams, so many things.
Revolutionary Road had me stepping out on my own porch taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. It will have lots of people thinking hard about the road they are living on? Check it out if you haven’t yet and let me know your thoughts.