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Back to The Future

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been such a trouble maker. Sneaking up on the table and eating the DH’s pork ‘n beans right out of his bowl when the DH’s back was turned. Jack you little devil! Ugh!

This post here from my writer/blogger bud YA author, Melissa Walker made me happy. It seems this is a New York Times kind of week, but this article where Melissa was featured for her record collection brought a smile to my face because it took me back to a more innocent time. Check out the full article here.

Vinyl, roller disco, that faint scratchy sound and the love of the hunt how fun.

I love the idea that record sales are actually up in these dark days. I’m so glad the DH still had his albums in the basement. I’m ready to dust them off and am envisioning a party room redo. It’s nice to think of lazy Saturday afternoons searching for the perfect album. Something the dear twins have never done. I’m glad the idea is not dead.

What albums would you search for?


PS. Scroll down for TOP CHEF