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Brain Freeze

What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack’s chilin. I think he’s dog tired. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Blame it on Pelosi everybody else is.

Really, I’m the one whose dog tired. It’s what happens during a one sock moment (scroll down) also this middle of the week holiday has thrown me off. One day of school and two days off has me thrown. It’s day two of the kids at home. I don’t know why at 14 they think of me as, Julie their cruise director. I somehow messed up there.

That said, I can’t think of much interesting to say today (not that I’m interesting on other days) so I’ll leave you with this video since Bridget Jones always makes me smile (Colin too).

Oh, and wouldn’t it be lovey for Helen Fielding to come out with something new. A new Bridget! Anybody hearing anything. I’m not ashamed to admit Bridget change my life.