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Thieves in the Night

What’s Jack up to? Just being Jack and enjoying his Labor Day. Not that he’s ever laboring. He leaves all that for me. Jack is a master of chilling. He’ll be spending today crafting ways to coax someone into giving him some Labor Day BBQ. I’m sure he’ll prevail.

Speaking of labor, check out what happened to all my labor. There has been a thief in my backyard. I woke the other day to find all my collard greens gone. Stripped off the stalk just when they were about ready to be picked. This is what I have left from my little leaflings from the beginning of summer.

How sad is that?

I wonder what terrible night creature got to them. He’d better not let me see him. Of course I’d probably run like a little girl, but I like to think I’d give who or whatever it was a real butt kicking.

Later in the week. I’ll show some happier pics of finer veggies.

In the meantime I’ll enjoy a glass of Labor Day wine and some BBQ to soothe the pain. Have a wonderful day and Happy September!