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Vet Me!

What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack’s growling, at what, I don’t know. The wind maybe? Who knows, maybe my collard green thief is out there (see below). I’m glad I’ve got Jack on the scene.

This week is the RNC convention. I can’t help but wonder how I got overlooked for the the VP job. Oh, I know I’m not with that party, but I am of the right gender. That should be enough, right? It seems to be.

I’ve got to remember to throw my hat into the ring next time.

Let’s see: I’m a woman and I’m pretty sure with a little support I could become mayor of my small town. I’ve been in the PTA for many years, done my time as a baseball and a dance mom. I’ve got my passport and on the plus side done some international negotiations of my own in actual foreign countries so I’ve got a leg up on on the current VP pick there. Shoot my resume is solid! Why wasn’t I vetted? The whole thing has me perplexed. I even wear snazzy glasses. Yeesh.