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Party Time

What’s Jack up to? As I’m typing Dear Jack is winding down. He’s too funny. When Jack is on and raring to go he’s raring to go but when he’s tired you’d better not mess with him. He’s so cute curled in his crate with his butt to us in his ‘stay away from me and you won’t get hurt’ pose. We get the hint Jack. Goodnight.

Here are a few party pics from Nationals. Man did I have a good time. San Fran is my kind of town and these are my kind of people. It was so wonderful to see so many good friends. The funny thing about these writer chicks is that you only see them once and if you’re lucky maybe twice a year, but once you get together it’s like meeting an old friend for a weekly lunch. So great. No strangers here. Notice I threw in the photo of me and Nora again. A girl can’t get too much of that vibe, eh? And check me and Megan out with the fabulous Barbara Vey!