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Monday Monday

What’s Jack up to? He’s being his usual wild self. I tested Jack to see if he’d be as good for me as he was for Nana when I was away. Can you believe he actually walked to the mailbox and back to the house with her without his leash? I would have not believed it myself if I didn’t see it with my own eyes when I got home. So I thought I’d try it. I did I little test run out back with the laundry first, just for a second. It was fine. In and out no problem. So I go and open the front door, ready to roll and Jack is off like a bolt of lightening proving that everything, all creatures big and small, do better for Nana. Oh Jack.

This was an all baseball all the time weekend since the DS had a tournament in Connecticut. I’m not bringing up the fact that the season was supposed to be ov-ah a week ago. And it’s back out tonight and on the road since they are in the playoffs. Sigh. Now I truly understand the meaning of the term travel team.
I’m so starting to look forward to September and days where Jack and I have a few hours alone and my writing time is set with no interruptions. How I miss that.

What’s on tap for your week?