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The more things change…

What’s Jack up to? He’s just back to being Jack. I guess you can’t take the suburbs out of the dog huh?

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the July issue of Italian Vogue. It’s sure to be a collectors issue. Featuring all Black models photographed by Steven Meisel in an attempt to speak to the racial prejudice that has so long been prevalent in the fashion industry. The New York Times wrote about it here. Being a Black girl that got her first subscription to Vogue at age twelve the article said nothing that I didn’t already know and feel about the Black Out in the fashion industry.

I have to say. I applaud Italian Vogue for doing this but am so sad that it had to be done and am really sad that it was not done my own own American Vogue. Yeah they were nice enough to do a little piece on the subject in the July issue and feature a couple of “new” ethnic faces for that piece but that was it. Not another brown skinned girl in the editorial section. And did we need another star on the cover? Nicole Kidman, as fine as actress as she is, did not need that cover. Let’s give fashion back to the fasionistas.

It almost makes me long for the days of the Fashion Cafe. At least then we had some distinct faces in fashion.

That said beauty is beauty and it comes in all shapes sizes and colors and it’s time for the world, especially the fashion world to get on board with that before it starts to hit then where they live. In their wallets.

photos thanks to Italian Vogue and NYT

I don’t want my daughter growing up like I did, constantly searching for a face that looks like hers and then being pleasantly surprised when she gets a little glimpse. That’s just not right. Not in today’s world. Fashion has to get with it and soon.



PS- Bravo is back tonight with Shear Genius. Yay!